Teaching and educational activities of the Cardiology Department

The Cardiology Department provides pre-graduate and postgraduate teaching and educational activities. These activities are primarily related to medical disciplines, but the department is also involved in the training of contact disciplines (for example the field of technical equipment in medicine).

Pre-graduate activities are focused on covering the comprehensive needs of cooperating university units. Cooperation has been established with all three faculties of medicine of Charles University in Prague; it specifically applies to regular students in years 4 to 6. We provide a programme comprising lecturing activities, daily thematic stays at specialised divisions of the department, seminars on selected topics and standard stays at the bedside. Everything is managed using a unified system with identification of the specific trainees who thus gain access to all operational units of the department.

Another part is related to postgraduate education and training, with two major directions of focus. One concerns postdoctoral study aimed at achieving the PhD. degree. The topic is chosen by the applicant; several accredited supervisors are available at the Cardiology Department. The second part has been historically implemented in cooperation with the IPVZ (Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education) (further training of healthcare personnel), also interdisciplinary.

The Cardiology Department does not omit the training of its own staff either; an elaborated system of so-called mini-seminars organised for young doctors serves this purpose, as well as other events of the department falling in the borderline area between education – research. In the field of thematic seminars the Cardiology Department is significantly involved in the seminars and teaching lectures of the IKEM Cardiology Centre.

Extraordinary study and training stays are also included by the Cardiology Department in the above mentioned activities based on the interest of other organisations. Recenly, we also initiated cooperation with the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in the field of teaching foreign students in English.

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