Service price list

Price list of fees for procedures not reimbursed by health insurance companies, issued upon the patient’s own request

(this is not medical documentation, which is provided to patients free of charge for medical purposes)

Health condition certificate for various purposes requested by the patient:

  • Certificate for issuance of the driving licence: CZK 200
  • Certificate for issuance of the gun licence: CZK 300
  • Certificate for sports purposes: CZK 300
  • Certificate for study applications: CZK 100
  • Certificate for private insurance: CZK 300

Spa treatment proposal without medical indication: CZK 200

Neurological examination certificate for issuance of the driving licence: CZK 1,200

IKEM premium services

At the time of scheduled hospitalisation, patients are informed about  premium services by the personnel of the Department of central admission,  archive and reception; subsequently, the head nurse or charge nurse at the  given department arranges the services according to the current conditions (in  cooperation with the nutritional therapist for premium meal services).

Characteristics of premium services

 Accommodation during hospitalisation in a single room if the patient is interested, while this form of placement is not given by serious medical reasons and such a room can be made available, is a premium service for a fee.
 A single room with its own sanitary facilities, a TV set, refrigerator, electric kettle, stationary telephone set (including a foldable armchair at DD, ND, HD, TSD) is thus considered as a premium service.

During hospitalisation, patients can be offered premium meals for a fee (recipes prepared by the head nutritional therapist in cooperation with the head of boarding); if an interest is expressed, the nutritional therapist shall consult the meals of the given patient with the doctor and ensure them on a continuous basis.

Accompanying  person(s) of the patient
If any accompanying person of the patient that is not reimbursed by the health insurance company or must be present for reasons of irreplaceable necessary care shows interest in using any free bed (connected single rooms at CSD, CD; foldable armchairs may be used for this purpose at the other departments), this shall also be considered as a premium service for a fee.

IT  equipment
Patients may be offered a connection to the Internet for a fee. This service shall be provided by the Information Technology Division upon request of the appropriate head nurse.

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