Luca Monzo  M.D.Luca Monzo M.D.

Originated in Italy. Fellow in cardiac pacing and cardiac resynchronization therapy in IKEM from January 2018 . 


  • Research fellow in heart failure (Dr. V. Melenovsky – Prof. J. Kautzner) (January 2018 – to date) – IKEM, Prague, CZ 
  • Training fellow in cardiac pacing and cardiac resynchronization therapy (Dr. K. Sedlacek – Prof. J. Kautzner) (January 2018 – to date) – IKEM, Prague,CZ 
  • Honorary fellow in Cardiology since 2017 - "Sapienza" University, Rome – IT
  • “Raffaele Mattioli“ award for the best young researcher in“Attilio Reale“ School of Cardiology  - "Sapienza" University, Rome, IT (2016)
  • PhD fellow  - "Sapienza" University (Prof. C. Gaudio), Rome (October 2015 – to date)
  • Postgraduated diploma in Cardiovascular Medicine magna cum laude on 2015 - "Sapienza" University, Rome – IT
  • Honorary research fellow in Heart Failure (Prof. J. Cleland) – Academic Cardiology, Kingston Upon Hull, UK (December 2014 –Maz 2015)
  • Resident cardiologist for Emergency N.G.O. – Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery, Khartoum, Sudan (June 2014 –October 2014)
  • Second Level University Master Degree in “Cardiology Imaging“ magna cum laude (2009)
  • Master degree in Medicine and Surgery magna cum laude - "Sapienza" University, Rome – IT (2008)

Yu Schimizu M.D.Yu Shimizu M.D.

Originated in Japan. Fellow in Electrophysiology in IKEM from March 2018 . 


  • M.D. 2008 March University of Tokyo 
  • PhD 2017 March graduate school of Medicine  university of Tokyo 
  • March 2017 Cardiology specialisation in Japanese society of Cardiology 
  •  2008-2010 Fellow of internal medicine, Kyorin University Hospital , Tokyo, Japan 
  •  2010-2011  Fellow of Cardiology department,  University of Tokyo hospital
  •  2011-2013 Fellow of Cardiology department, JR Tokyo general Hospital,Tokyo Japan 
  •  2013-2018 fellow of Cardiology department,  University of Tokyo hospital
  • January 2018-to date, Training fellow in Electrophysiology (Prof. J. Kautzner), IKEM, Prague, CZ

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