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Experimental Medicine Centre

Úsek strategie a rozvoje

prof. MUDr. Jiří Malý, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, CMO

Phone: 23 605 4014
E-mail: jiri.maly@ikem.cz

Ing. Lenka Kolinova

asistent to Deputy Director

Phone: +420 23605 4014
Fax: +420 23605 2805
E-mail: lenka.kolinova@ikem.cz

Experimental Medicine Centre

prof. MUDr. Luděk Červenka, CSc. MBA

Director of the Experimental Medicine Centre

Phone: 23605 5441
E-mail: ludek.cervenka@ikem.cz

Bc. Zdenka Fialová


Phone: 23605 5440
E-mail: zdenka.fialova@ikem.cz

prof. MUDr. Mgr. Milan Jirsa, CSc.

Deputy director

Phone: 23 605 2773, 23 605 3193, 23 605 3194, 23 605 2263
E-mail: milan.jirsa@ikem.cz

Experimental Medicine Centre (EMC)

The mission of the Experimental Medicine Centre is to concentrate the research of molecular biology and genetics and the study of experimental pathophysiological and physiological models in the field of research of all three specialised centres of IKEM. The centre is predominantly financed from grant resources, from the resources of National Research Centres, institutional resources of the research plan of IKEM and through sponsorship. Individual projects are primarily managed by employees of individual EMC laboratories and also by clinical staff in the scope of cooperation with individual specialised centres of IKEM. The centre organises and ensures administrative aspects of scientific preparation of IKEM staff.

EMC serves as the base for postgraduate study in molecular biology and genetics, physiology and pathophysiology, biochemistry and pathobiochemistry and metabolic disorders.

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