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Diabetes Centre

Prof. František Saudek, MD, PhD

Director of the Diabetes Centre

Phone: 23 605 4107, 23 605 4108
E-mail: frantisek.saudek@ikem.cz

MUDr. Peter Girman, MD, PhD

Director of the Department of Diabetes; Deputy director of the Diabetes Centre

Phone: 23 605 4101
E-mail: peter.girman@ikem.cz

Diabetes Centre covers therapeutic and preventive, scientific and research, and educational activities in diabetology and in metabolism and nutrition disorders.

It is the largest centre of diabetology in the Czech Republic. The centre is primarily focused on patients with organ complications, thus not only patients with diabetes in its initial stage, but especially patients with rather serious complications. 

In the field of diabetology and nutrition the centre is included in the network of selected specialised centres providing care to patients with metabolic diseases and has the status of a diabetology centre.

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