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ProviderRegistration NumberInvestigatorTitle of the projectIKEM roleFrom-to
AZV ČRNU23J-02-00015Kala Petr, MUDr. Ph.D.New pharmacological approaches for the treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction combined with chronic kidney disease.Principal Investigator2023-
AZV ČRNU23J-06-00043Mačinga Peter, MUDr. Ph.D.Identification and validation of cyst fluid biomarkers discriminating low grade, high grade and invasive intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreasPrincipal Investigator2023-
AZV ČRNU23-02-00295Honetschlägerová Zuzana, MVDr. Ph.D.The new insight into the pathophysiology of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: translation studies to define new therapeutic targetsCo-Investigator2023-
AZV ČRNU22-A-124Ibrahim Ibrahim, Mgr. Ph.D.Changes in brain perfusion and diffusion after COVID-19Principal Investigator2022-2023
AZV ČRNU22-A-125Piťha Jan prof. MUDr., CSc.The impact of SARS-CoV-2 on early manifestation of acute coronary syndrome, its complications and polyvascular diseasePrincipal Investigator2022-2023
AZV ČRNU22-C-126Viklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Aspects of immune response and efficacy of booster dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine in kidney transplant recipientsPrincipal Investigator2022-2023
AZV ČRNU22-01-00096Mráz Miloš MUDr., Ph.D.Targeting senescence as a novel therapeutic approach for metabolIc diseases and Their complicAtioNs (TITAN)Principal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-01-00141Habart David MUDr., Ph.D.High precision quantification of rodent and human pancreatic islets for transplantationPrincipal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-02-00051Králová Lesná Ivana MUDr., Ph.DNew morphological, immunological and biochemical markers of carotid plaques vulnerabilityPrincipal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-02-00070Netuka Ivan prof. MUDr., Ph.D.The new insight on the pathophysiology of cardiac atrophy after implantation of left ventricular assist device: translation studies to define new therapeutic targetsPrincipal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-02-00161Melenovský Vojtěch prof. MUDr., CSc.Mechanisms of pulmonary vascular dysfunction in heart failure (LUNG-HF)Principal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-06-00103Šperl Jan doc. MUDr., CSc.Impact of genetic factors modifying risk of chronic liver failure on better classification of its aetiology in PiZ SERPINA1 heterozygotes and homozygotesPrincipal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-06-00269Drastich Pavel doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Effect of gluten-free diet on clinical symptoms, immune response and microbiome in primary sclerosing cholangitis and inflammatory bowel diseasePrincipal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-08-00286Jirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.Evaluation of new transplant sites for pancreatic islets using non-invasive imaging methods in animal models.Principal Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU22-01-00151Dlouhá Dana RNDr., Ph.D.Prediction of cardiovascular risk and prognosis in patients with hypercholesterolaemia through genomic and metabolomic analysisCo-Investigator2022 -
AZV ČRNU21-01-00096Špičák Julius prof. MUDr., CSc.The influence of laparascopic Sleeve gastrectomy vs. endoscopic gastric plication on body weight, metabolic parameters and microbiota composition in patients with obesity: randomized, open-labelled study (SLAVIA trial)Principal Investigator2021-2023
AZV ČRNU21-06-00021Viklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Molecular markers of acute kidney injury in elderly deceased donorsPrincipal Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU21J-06-00027Bajer Lukáš, MUDr. Ph.DRecurrence of primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantation: the key role of gut-liver axis in therapy a diagnosticsPrincipal Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU21-01-00146Hubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Analysis of free DNA and miRNA as markers of muscle damage in statin-treated patientsCo-Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU21-02-00402Melenovský Vojtěch prof. MUDr., CSc.Effect of mechanical loading on development and maintenance of arrhythmogenic substrate in the atriaCo-Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU21-07-00033Viklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Identification and characterization of genetic factors contributing to inherited tubulointerstitial kidney disease IICo-Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU21-07-00247Hucl Tomáš prof. MUDr., Ph.D.Concept of liquid biopsy in mapping of microRNA and oncogenic KRAS mutations for early diagnosis and risk assessment of pancreatic cancer.Co-Investigator2021 -
AZV ČRNU20J-01-00005Šedivý Petr Mgr., Ph.D.Ketogenic diet as a modulator of de novo lipogenesis in liver and visceral adipose tissue amount KETOLIVAPrincipal Investigator2020 - 
AZV ČRNU20-01-00022Poledne Rudolf prof. Ing., CSc.Macrophage polarization and the fatty acid spectrum of cell membrane phospholipids of adipose tissuePrincipal Investigator2020-2023
AZV ČRNU20-01-00078Fejfarová Vladimíra MUDr., Ph.D.Rationalisation of ATB Therapy in Diabetic Foot Infection and its Impact on the Intestinal MicrobiotaPrincipal Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-01-00121Kovář Jan RNDr., CSc.The effect of semaglutide administration on the the acute response of liver fat content to the administration of simple carbohydratesPrincipal Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-02-00190Mráz Miloš, MUDr. Ph.D.Effect of complex weight-reducing interventions on rhythm control in obese subjects with atrial fibrillationPrincipal Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-06-00061Dlouhá Dana RNDr., Ph.D.The possibility of using free circulating gDNA and mtDNA in the detection of graft rejection after heart transplantation.Principal Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-08-00095Jirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.New paradigm for functional contrast agent for 31P magnetic resonance imagingPrincipal Investigator2020-2023
AZV ČRNU20-01-00067Mráz Miloš MUDr., Ph.D.The effect of diabetes compensation on placental function and fetal circulation in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus.Co-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-01-00083Marková Irena RNDr., Ph.D.Reproductive age and genetic factors as predictors of vascular damage in diabetes mellitusCo-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-01-00186Pelikánová Terezie prof. MUDr., DrSc.IdENtIfication of factors influencing adherence to pharmacotherapy in patients with type 2 diabetes using untarGeted MetAbolomics (ENIGMA)Co-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-02-00052Melenovský Vojtěch prof. MUDr., CSc.Kidney and heart interaction in the pathophysiology of heart failure: translation studies to define new therapeutic targetsCo-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-02-00244Kautzner Josef prof. MUDr., CSc.STereotactic Ablative Radiosurgery of recurrent Ventricular Tachycardia in structural heart diseaseCo-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNU20-02-00310Želízko Michael MUDr., CSc.Evaluation of severity of the Right to Left shunt with the PFO patients after systemic embolismCo-Investigator2020 -
AZV ČRNV19-02-00068Pirk Jan prof. MUDr., DrSc.Bioartificial cardiovascular patches and vessels from porcine collagen reinforced with nano/microfibers using stem cells and dynamic culturePrincipal Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-02-00118Mráz Miloš, MUDr. Ph.D.The role of epicardial fat, subclinical inflammation and novel lipid signalling molecules in the onset and development of heart failurePrincipal Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-02-00130Beneš Jan MUDr.Proteomic analysis of myocardium in advance heart failure patients- identification of biomarkers facilitating clinical decisionsPrincipal Investigator2019-2022
AZV ČRNV19-06-00031Viklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Operational tolerance in kidney transplantationPrincipal Investigator2019-2022
AZV ČRNV19-08-00071Tintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Analysis of flow character and prediction of evolution in endovascular treated arteries by magnetic resonance imaging coupled with mathematical modelingPrincipal Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-09-00125Wohlfahrt Peter MUDr.Novel tools to improve cardiovascular prevention after myocardial infarctionPrincipal Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-02-00046Wichterle Dan doc. MUDr.Sequential Hybrid Ablation versus Surgical CryoMaze Alone for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (SurHyb Trial): a multicenter randomized controlled trialCo-Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-02-00086Kettner Jiří MUDr.Dual Antiplatelet Therapy for Shock Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction - DAPT-SHOCK-AMI studyCo-Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-06-00443Rajnochová Bloudíčková Silvie MUDr., Ph.D.Genetics of adult-onset familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) – implications for individualized therapy and successful kidney transplantationCo-Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV19-08-00122Kubánek Miloš MUDr., Ph.D.Improved Interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing Datasets in Patients with Inherited Cardiomyopathy Using Functional Models Based on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Advanced Cardiac Imaging in FamiliesCo-Investigator2019-2023
AZV ČRNV18-01-00040Cahová Monika RNDr., Ph.D.Modification of gut microbiota in the treatment of insulin resistance: a personalized approachPrincipal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-01-00046Hubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Genetic score in prediction of diabetes and its complicationsPrincipal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-02-00014Husková Zuzana Mgr., Ph.D.The role of renin-angiotensin system in the pathophysiology of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury: preclinical study in animal models.Principal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-02-00053Červenka Luděk prof. MUDr., CSc. MBAThe role of renal dysfunction in the progression of congestive heart failure and its potential clinical implications: preclinical studies in animal modelsPrincipal Investigator2018 -2021
AZV ČRNV18-02-00080Kautzner Josef prof. MUDr., CSc.Electrical activation of the left ventricular myocardium by application of modified epicardial triventricular system for cardiac resynchronization therapy of heart failurePrincipal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-02-00422Pirk Jan prof. MUDr., DrSc.New materials for cardiovascular surgery based on modified decellularized tissuesPrincipal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-06-00032Jirsa Milan prof. MUDr. Mgr., CSc.Molecular basis and mechanisms of familial intrahepatic cholestasisPrincipal Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-02-00027Reichenbach Adrian MUDr.Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation/tachycardia in patients with pulmonary hypertension: a randomised studyCo-Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČRNV18-02-00237Krebsová Alice MUDr., Ph.D.Detection of sudden cardiac death causes in people aged 0-35 years using molecular genetic methods – a pilot studyCo-Investigator2018 - 2021
AZV ČRNV18-03-00199Hucl Tomáš prof. MUDr., Ph.D.Identification of diagnostic markers in colorectal cancer by profiling of trascriptome, DNA methylome and microbiome in adenoma-carcinoma transitionCo-Investigator2018 -2022
AZV ČR17-28265AKočková Radka MUDr.The interplay of arterial wall and perivascular adipose tissue in the initiation of atherogenesisPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-28587AIbrahim Ibrahim Mgr. Ph.D.Molecular and immunological characterisation of borderline changes of kidney allograftPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-28784AMelenovský Vojtěch prof. MUDr., CSc.Genetic plymorphisms, MicroRNAs and bioindicators of activity: interrelations in the diagnostics and therapy of severe familial hypercholesterolemiaCo-Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-28797AMartínek Jan doc. MUDr., Ph.D. AGAFIdentification and characterization of genetic factors contributing to inherited tubulointerstitial kidney diseaseCo-Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-29009ASaudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: Prognostic Markers and ModelsCo-Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-30281AHucl Tomáš prof. MUDr., Ph.D.Prognostic value of myocardial T1 mapping and global longitudinal speckle strain in patients with chronic aortic regurgitationPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-28220AČervenka Luděk prof. MUDr., CSc. MBAMR tractography and neurography in patients with peripheral nervous system disordersPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-29992AViklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Mechanisms of right ventricular dysfunction in chronic heart failurePrincipal Investigator2017 - 2021
AZV ČR17-28103AKrálová Lesná Ivana MUDr., Ph.DG-POEM in patients with refractory idiopathic and diabetic gastroparesis – a controlled randomized „sham“ studyPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2020
AZV ČR17-28778AHrubá Petra Mgr., Ph.D.Novel method of pancreatic islet transplantation into the omentumPrincipal Investigator2017 - 2020
AZV ČR17-28882AHubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Radiofrequency ablation in therapy of biliary and pancreatic diseasePrincipal Investigator2017 - 2020
AZV ČR17-29786AViklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Pharmacological targeting of cytochrome P-450-derived metabolites of arachidonic as a new approach to treatment of congestive heart failureCo-Investigator2017 - 2020
AZV ČR17-31538AWohl Pavel MUDr.Genetic variability of BKV in the Czech Republic and its influence on pathogenesis of infection in kidney transplant recipientsCo-Investigator2017 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-27449ADrastich Pavel doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Faecal bacteriotherapy for ulcerative colitisPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-27546AŠperl Jan doc. MUDr., CSc.Non-invasive staging of liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension in patients awaiting liver transplantation by shear-wave elastographyPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-27630ANetuka Ivan prof. MUDr., Ph.D.Markers of vascular health in patients with implanted mechanical circulatory supportPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-28249AKříž Jan doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Pancreatic islets transplantation into the subcutaneous pouch - a preclinical studyPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-28254AKříž Jan doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Controled vascularization of microporous scaffolds for subsequent cellular transplantationPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-28427AHájek Milan Ing., DrSc.Monitoring of hepatic fat metabolism using Magnetic Resonance methodsPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-34134AJanoušek Libor MUDr., Ph.D. FEBSSystem for Continuous Early Postoperative Monitoring of Kidney Graft Blood PerfusionPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-29614AŠpičák Julius prof. MUDr., CSc.The comparison of the efficiency of colon capsule endoscopy and optical colonoscopy in patients with positive immunochemical fecal occult blood testCo-Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-30833ATintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Prospective multiparametric MRI monitoring of the knee joint hyaline cartilage after implantation of biological collagen type I matrix implantsCo-Investigator2016 - 2020
AZV ČRNV16-27262ADubský Michal MUDr., Ph.D.A comparison of the impact of autologous stem cells therapy and standard revascularization on tissue oxygen supply and course of the diabetic footPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27420APirk Jan prof. MUDr., DrSc.New approaches for the prevention of cardiac atrophy: studies in rat model heterotopically transplanted heartPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27465APazderník Michal MUDr., Ph.D. FESCAssessment of cardiac allograft vasculopathy by optical coherence tomographyPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27477ASlavčev Antonij doc. MUDr., CSc.Diagnostics of antibody-mediated rejection after liver transplantationPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27496APelikánová Terezie prof. MUDr., DrSc.The role of insulin resistance in patients with heart failure and type 2 diabetesPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27648AMartínek Jan doc. MUDr., Ph.D. AGAFProbe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy in accurate histopathologic diagnosis of neoplastic gastrointestinal lesionsPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-27653AMartínek Jan doc. MUDr., Ph.D. AGAFPrevention of esophageal strictures after endoscopic resection or dissection of early esophageal neoplasia - experimental studyPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-28352APirk Jan prof. MUDr., DrSc.Long term follow up  of the development  of the surgery treatment of the coronary artery disease with impact to secondary preventionPrincipal Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV16-28375AOliverius Martin doc. MUDr., Ph.D. FEBSStudy of prognostic and predictive biomarkers in the treatment of pancreatic cancerCo-Investigator2016 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-26883AStříž Ilja prof. MUDr., CSc.Regulatory mechanisms of innate immune cells in kidney transplantationPrincipal Investigator2015 - 2020
AZV ČRNV15-25602ADezortová Monika Mgr., Ph.D.Biomarkers of progression and treatment response in neurodegenerative disordersCo-Investigator2015 - 2020
AZV ČRNV15-26746ASaudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.The effect of normalization of blood glucose levels in pancreas graft recipients on advanced diabetic retinopathyPrincipal Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-26906ATrunečka Pavel MUDr., CSc.Genetic, transcriptomic and metabolic profiles of patients after liver transplantation with respect to the development of NAFLD/NASH.Principal Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-27682AKubánek Miloš MUDr., Ph.D.Next generation sequencing for early diagnosis and  individualized treatment of dilated cardiomyopathy and related forms of cardiomyopathyPrincipal Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-25396AKopkan Libor MVDr., Ph.D.Central and peripheral modulation of vascular tone and sodium excretion: the role of brain and kidney in pathophysiology of hypertensionCo-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-27109APiťha Jan prof. MUDr., CSc.Longitudinal trends in major cardiovascular risk factors and their predictive value in a population random sample, Czech post-MONICA studyCo-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-27735AHusková Zuzana Mgr., Ph.D.Progression of chronic heart failure and cardiorenal syndrome in hypertensive rats after myocardial infarction: role of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids.Co-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-28671AČervenka Luděk prof. MUDr., CSc. MBAPharmacological blockade of both the endothelin system and soluble epoxyde hydrolase as a new aproach to the treatment of hypertensive organ damageCo-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-29153APirk Jan prof. MUDr., DrSc.Development of an aortic heart valve based on pericardium using primary and stem cells and mechanical loading in a bioreactorCo-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-34123AHerman Aleš MUDr.Interventional left atrial appendage closure vs. novel anticoagulation agents in high-risk patients with atrial fibrillation (PRAGUE-17 study)Co-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-29565APeichl Petr doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Comparison of the safety and effectiveness of renal denervation performance in sheep using different technical systems.Co-Investigator2015 - 2019
AZV ČRNV15-25781AJirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.Novel cancer diagnostics based on glycogen as body´s own nanosized carrierPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-25924AKoblas Tomáš RNDr., Ph.D.Transplantation therapy of diabetes with insulin-producing cells derived by reprogramming of non-endocrine pancreatic cellsPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-26519AWohlfahrtová Mariana doc. MUDr.Vascular rejection phenotype after kidney transplantation and isolated v-lesionPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-26638APaříková Alena doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Identification of genes implicated in peritoneal membrane alterations during peritoneal dialysis treatmentPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-26865AViklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Alloreactivity in living donor kidney transplantationPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-27178ATintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Quantitative mapping of the myocardium and flow dynamics using MRI in patients with non-ischemic cardiac disease - methodology improvementPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-27338APelikánová Terezie prof. MUDr., DrSc.Effects of processed meat on brain regions related to reward and craving in patients with type 2 diabetes, obese subjects and healthy controlsPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-27431APelikánová Terezie prof. MUDr., DrSc.Effect of acute hyperinsulinemia and postprandial hyperglycemia on endothelial function in patiens with type 2 diabetes mellitus and healthy subjects.Principal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-27579AJabor Antonín Prof. MUDr., CSc.Monoclonal gammopathies in solid organ transplant recipients. Relationship between posttransplant immunosuppression and lymphoproliferative diseases.Principal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28064ADrastich Pavel doc. MUDr., Ph.D.Immunological biomarkers for noninvasive diagnosis, outcome prediction and therapy selection in inflammatory bowel diseasePrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28745ACahová Monika RNDr., Ph.D.Nutrition-based therapy of liver disease of different origin: effect of n-3  PUFAPrincipal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28895AHubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Bilirubin as a risk factor of cardiovascular disease development.Principal Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-26779AViklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.Incidence of skin cancer in renal transplant recipients in transplant center in the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM).Co-Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-26854AKotulák Tomáš MUDr., PhD.The role of epicardial adipose tissue in heart disease: novel mechanisms of action and its therapeutic modulationCo-Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28277AHubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.LDL gene score in the diagnosis of primary hypercholesterolemias and cardiovascular risk assessmentCo-Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28876AHubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Use of HTG gene score in diagnosis of primary hypertriglyceridemias and assessment of the risk of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular complicationsCo-Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-28998ATintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Endophenotypes of psychotic disordersCo-Investigator2015-2018
AZV ČRNV15-31000AAdámková Věra prof. MUDr., CSc.Interventional procedures in preventive cardiologyCo-Investigator2015-2018
GA ČR24-11364SKoblas Tomáš, RNDr. Ph.D.
GA ČR24-10125SBerková Zuzana, RNDr. Ph.D.
GA ČR22-02836SJirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.Water-soluble fluorinated polymers for the next-generation antifouling coatings and multimodal in vivo tracingCo-Investigator2022-
GA ČR22-05942SKrál Jan, MUDr. Ph.D. MBANon-invasive detection of circulating mRNA markers in diseases of the colon and rectumCo-Investigator2022-
GA ČR22-11516SSaudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.Transcriptional and epigenetic control of pancreas development and functionCo-Investigator2022-
GA ČR22-20860SMalý Martin, doc. MUDr. Ph.D.Anti-inflammatory properties of bioactive compounds isolated from Cannabis sativa L.Co-Investigator2022-
GA ČRGA19-07661SSaudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.The use of pancreatic islet extracellular matrix for propagation and controlled differentiation of insulin producing cellsPrincipal Investigator2019-2022
GA ČRGA19-07378SSaudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.Bimetallic and trimetallic fluorescent nanoclusters: synthesis, physico-chemical properties, and application in bio-imagingCo-Investigator2019-2022
GA ČRGA19-03207SJirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.Complex analysis of protective actions of empagliflozin on metabolic parameters and cardiorenal damage in experimental non-diabetic hypertensionCo-Investigator2019-2022
GA ČRGA19-06199SMalínská Hana RNDr., Ph.D.Interplay between ISLET1 and NEUROD1 in pancreatic development and diseaseCo-Investigator2019 -2021
GA ČRGA19-08241STintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Changes in the auditory cortex in patients with single sided deafnessCo-Investigator2019-2022
GA ČRGA18-02550SLacinová Zdeňka RNDr.Specific elimination of senescent cells using mitochondria-targeted compoundsCo-Investigator2018 -2020
GA ČRGA18-09709SHucl Tomáš prof. MUDr., Ph.D.Mapping the traits involved in malignant transformation of colorectal adenoma into carcinoma.Co-Investigator2018 -2021
GA ČRGA17-08888SHüttl Martina, Ing., Ph.D.Effect of silymarin combined with hypolipidemics on mechanisms leading to lipids accumulation, oxidative stress and inflammation in metabolic syndromeCo-Investigator2017 - 2019
GA ČRGA16-04340SHerynek Vít, Mgr. Ph.D.Self-assembled polymeric nanostructures as bimodal magnetic resonance ultrasound contrast agents for imagingCo-Investigator2016 - 2018
GA ČRGA16-03156SJirák Daniel doc. Ing., Ph.D.Oxide nanomagnets, their properties and interactions with biological systemsCo-Investigator2016 - 2018
GA ČRGA16-16729STintěra Jaroslav Ing., CSc.Cortical changes associated with presbycusis and tinnitus – MRI study.Co-Investigator2016 - 2018
GA ČRGA15-07544SHusková Zuzana Mgr., Ph.D.Cardioprotective and antihypertensive effects of agonistic epoxyeicosatrienoic acids analogs.Principal Investigator2015 - 2017
GA ČRGA15-08239SŠpičák Julius prof. MUDr., CSc.The diagnostic, predictive and prognostic role of microRNA signature in rectal cancerCo-Investigator2015 - 2017
GA ČRGA15-14200SMelenovský Vojtěch prof. MUDr., CSc.The role of hepcidin in regulation of systemic and myocardial iron metabolism in heart failureCo-Investigator2015 - 2017
EU945125Kautzner Josef prof. MUDr., CSc.TTV GUIDE TX - Personalisation Of Immunosuppression By Monitoring Viral Load Post Kidney Transplantation – A Randomised Controlled Phase II TrialCo-Investigator2021 -
EU945119Kautzner Josef prof. MUDr., CSc.STOPSTORM - A Prospective European Validation Cohort For Stereotactic Therapy Of Reentrant TachycardiaCo-Investigator2021 -
EU896932Viklický Ondřej prof. MUDr., CSc.BEAT AF - Ground-BrEAking Electroporation-based inTervention for Atrial Fibrillation treatmentCo-Investigator2021 -
MPOFV20479Cahová Monika RNDr., Ph.D.Simplified method for quantification of specific genes expressionCo-Investigator2017 - 2020
MPOFV20139Saudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.Biotechnologically customised collagenase for preparation of advanced therapy medicinal productsCo-Investigator2017 -2021
NPO-MŠMTLX22NPO5104Haluzík Martin prof. MUDr., DrSc.National Institute for Research of Metabolic and Cardiovascular DiseasesPrincipal Investigator2022-
MŠMT8J23AT023Pajuelo Dita, Mgr., Ph.D.Limitations of MR methods for the study of muscle metabolism in elderly individuals and patients with muscle weaknessPrincipal Investigator2023 -
MŠMTLUASK22012Malínská Hana RNDr., Ph.D.The role of inflammation in the development of cardiovascular complications associated with metabolic syndrome and prediabetesPrincipal Investigator2022 -
MŠMT8J20AT002Poledne Rudolf prof. Ing., CSc.Inflammatory changes in adipose tissue as risk factor of atherogenesisPrincipal Investigator2020 -2022
MŠMT8J19DE010Hubáček Jaroslav Ing., CSc. DSc.Genetic score as a potential predictor of success in interventions aimed at reducing of body weight (bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes).Principal Investigator2019 - 2021
MŠMTLTAUSA19073Saudek František prof. MUDr., DrSc.Evidence based state-of-the-art data evaluation of pancreatic islet transplant prog1ram: Contribution of the Czech Republic data to CITR, Collaborative Islet Transplant RegistryPrincipal Investigator2019 -2022
MŠMT8J18AT023Dezortová Monika Mgr., Ph.D.Improvement in liver disease diagnosis using advanced quantitative methods of magnetic resonancePrincipal Investigator2018 -2021
MŠMTCZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/17_050/0008096Trailin AndriyCompartment-Specific Molecular Phenotypes of Early Antibody Mediated Rejection in Pre-Sensitized Recipients of Kidney AllograftPrincipal Investigator2018 - 2020
MŠMT7AMB15AT007Dezortová Monika Mgr., Ph.D.Assessment of fatty acid profiles in human tissue by in vivo multinuclear MR spectroscopyPrincipal Investigator2015 - 2016
TA ČRFW10010514Janoušek Libor, doc. MUDr. Ph.D. FEBS

TA ČRTH01010244Daňková Helena Mgr.MicroRNA biomarkers - new methods of quantificationCo-Investigator2015 - 2017
TA ČRTH01011453Barčiaková Lucia MUDr.Development of a unique platform for a non-contact measurement of clinically relevant informationCo-Investigator2015 - 2017

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