Acute Cardiology Division

MUDr. Marek Šramko, Ph.D. FESC

Head of Acute cardiology department

Phone: 23 605 5100
E-mail: marek.sramko@ikem.cz

Bc. Jana Frantová

Charge nurse of Acute cardiology department

Phone: 23 605 5100
E-mail: jana.frantova@ikem.cz

The Acute Cardiology Division (ACD) has a highly specialised team of doctors and nurses and offers non-stop operation whose purpose is to quickly and accurately determine the cause of the acute cardiovascular disease with subsequent therapy in accordance with the most recent knowledge and principles of scientifically verified evidence-based medicine. The division has 22 beds with state-of-the-art instrumental equipment for the monitoring of vital functions, determining of the diagnosis and for therapeutic interventions.

Oddělení akutní kardiologie

The Acute Cardiology Division (ACD) has 3 parts:

  1. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – 12 beds
  2. Intermediary Care Unit (IMU) – 6 beds
  3. Acute admission unit (AAU) – 4 beds

The Acute Cardiology Division and its secretariat are found on the 1st floor of block G of the IKEM building.

Intensive Care Unit – ICU

This unit provides treatment to patients with all acute cardiovascular diseases that are immediately life-threatening. In particular, these include acute myocardial infarction, advanced heart failure, serious disorders of the heart rhythm; and also patients after cardiopulmonary resuscitation or with a consciousness disorder.

With the use of 12 separate boxes, the most modern instruments help doctors in their treatment of the patients – both by monitoring vital functions and by supporting failing organs. This unit also includes a separate intervention theatre where invasive procedures are performed – i.e. implantation of temporary pacemakers, mechanical heart support (balloon counterpulsation, measurement of pressure in the pulmonary circulation). This unit has close cooperation with all other divisions of the IKEM Cardiology Department.

The Acute Cardiology Division Moderní přístrojové vybavení

Intermediary Care Unit – IMU

This unit treats patients whose condition requires continuous monitoring but is not immediately life-threatening. For example, this includes patients with acute, less extensive myocardial infarction, less serious disorders of the heart rhythm or less serious heart failure.

Bed of acute cardiologyInterventional room

Acute admission unit – AAU

The unit provides assessments of patients with all acute diseases of the heart and all patients transferred to the IKEM Cardiology Centre from other medical institutions for acute conditions. The majority of patients are those with acute myocardial infarction; after a short examination these patients are transferred to the catheterisation theatre immediately for treatment of the artery that has caused their myocardial infarction; for subsequent treatment and monitoring they are transferred to ICU or IMU based on the severity of their condition.

Outpatient electrical cardioversion in patients with a heart rhythm disorder is a commonly performed procedure at the Acute Admission Unit. This procedure is performed in the outpatient setting and is a safe and efficient treatment method without the need of hospitalisation.

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