How to become our patient

The IKEM Cardiology Department provides the diagnosis of comprehensive cardiovascular diseases, highly specialised therapy and the most comprehensive therapeutic interventions in cardiology in the Czech Republic. This fact explains why we cannot provide basic care and regular cardiological monitoring to all patients.

You can become our patient upon referral of your specialised doctor (doctor of internal medicine or cardiologist) who evaluates whether your condition requires specialised diagnosis and therapy, irrespective of which part of our country you come from. We also provide treatment to foreign patients – in such case, it is advisable to agree on the form of payment for the therapy before hospitalisation.

If you have a heart disease that requires specialised treatment and your doctor refuses to refer you to our centre, you should contact the secretariat of the department directly, by letter, e-mail or phone -  ambulance.kardiologie@ikem.cz, Tel. 261 365 006, 736 975 006 and 261 362 985 (fax). Your request will be evaluated by the director of the department or their deputy, who will determine the further procedure.

If your disease does not yet require any surgery or catheterisation, scheduled follow-up visits will be proposed to you at our department in order to determine optimal therapy. The visits and the follow-up monitoring are individual. However, at the same time you are expected to remain in the care of your specialised doctor or general practitioner, who shall also ensure regular follow-up visits and prescription of drugs in between your visits at our department. In particular, your drugs must be prescribed by the doctor who takes care of your regular follow-up monitoring.

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