Information for hospitalised patients

Admission for hospitalisation

For scheduled hospitalisation you should report to the admission office of IKEM located on the 2nd floor. For admission you will need your ID card, health insurance card, the name and contact information of your general practitioner and your sickness leave certificate as applicable (if issued), the referral for admission and any results of your previous assessments, toiletries, pyjamas or nightgown and a bathrobe. When all necessary administrative formalities are completed, the admitting officer will accompany you to the appropriate ward.

Upon arrival to the ward you will be taken to the assigned bed by the nurse. Subsequently, you will be examined by your treating doctor who will begin by introducing themselves. If this is not so, do not hesitate to ask them about their name. You will be in daily contact with your treating doctor, who shall discuss your problems with you, examine you, and monitor any changes of your health condition. At the same time, your treating doctor will inform you about the assessment and therapeutic procedure. You should ask your treating doctor any questions concerning the planned assessments and therapy.

Some more demanding assessments require your written consent. Before signing you will receive written information about the nature of the assessment and its possible complications. You should ask your treating doctor if you do not understand anything in the text. This information is available here for download: documents for download.

The treating doctor will only provide information about your health condition to persons listed by you in the hospitalisation consent form. This detailed information is provided during regular working hours from 8 am – 4 pm.

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