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Nursing Care and Quality Department

PhDr. Martina Šochmanová, MBA

Deputy Director for Nursing Care – Head Nurse

Phone: 23 605 4113, 23 605 4112
E-mail: martina.sochmanova@ikem.cz

Mgr. Jaroslava Holakovská

Zástupce náměstka pro ošetřovatelskou péči, Vrchní sestra kliniky

Phone: 23 605 5118
E-mail: jaroslava.holakovska@ikem.cz

Renata Šubrtová


Phone: 23605 4113, 23605 4112
Fax: 23605 2813
E-mail: renata.subrtova@ikem.cz

The Nursing Care and Quality Department is managed by the deputy director for nursing care and quality – the head nurse.

All healthcare personnel other than doctors, lower healthcare personnel (LHP) and auxiliary healthcare personnel (AHP) fall under the Nursing Care and Quality Department.

The Nursing Care and Quality Department ensures organisation of nursing care and top management at IKEM in the field of sanitary services, central patient admission, central archive of medical documentation and central sterilisation. The Nursing Care and Quality Department comprises the Division of Nutritional Therapists that provides specific and specialised nursing care related to the provision of nutritional needs of hospitalised patients as well as of patients in outpatient care of IKEM.

The department closely cooperates with head nurses of the clinical divisions and with head employees of other paraclinical divisions.

The Nursing Care and Quality Department ensures and carries out the selection, admission of new healthcare personnel other than doctors and also makes decisions in other fields of occupational relations. The department includes the IKEM quality manager who provides methodical guidance, coordination and other tasks of specialised nature related to implementation of the quality management system.

NCQD provides and prepares seminars and, in the preparatory phase, it provides further education of healthcare personnel other than doctors on the postgraduate level, for LHP in the form of specialised course. The department cooperates with medical schools and faculties of medicine in further education.

The healthcare-social worker of IKEM provides social consultations including the mediation of specific social help. This is a free service of specialised social counselling registered pursuant to Act No. 108/2006 Coll.

Upon patient request, the department provides spiritual services of churches and religious societies registered in the Czech Republic.

The scope of activity of the head nurse of IKEM includes:

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