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The Cardiology department contains specialised outpatient clinics, 3 wards with overall capacity of 84 beds and several specialized departments and labs for invasive and non-invasive treatment of heart and vascular diseases.

In the list below you can find short step by step tour throughout departments.


In the 1st Floor block G is located Acute emergency clinic. This unit is open 24/7 and provides emergency care for patients with acute cardiac problems, and for patients referred by emergency ambulance. As an extension for patients who needs to be hospitalised is there the intermedial care unit, with remote monitoring and separated beds to provide privacy for patients.

Intensive care unit

Right next to the acute unit, in the 1st Floor in G block is located Intensive Care Unit. This department take care of patients with acute life threatening heart and vascular diseases.

Implantation lab

In the block G in the 1st Floor is located one of the labs of Arrhytmology department, Implantation lab. This lab is dedicated for implantation of pacemakers and ICD’s for patients who are indicated for this treatment.

EP lab

In the 3rd Floor of block G are located two EP labs of arrhytmology department, dedicated for electrophysiology and treatment of cardiac arrhytmias. In the same floor there is also department of interventional cardiology, which contains of two cathlabs, designed for Cardiovascular interventions.


In the 3rd Floor, block B are located various Cardiologic and Arrhytmologic outpatient Clinics. Patients are scheduled for meetings with clinical specialist, to undergo cardiologic examination, or device check-up.

Outpatient clinic

In the 3rd Floor, block D is located Non-invasive Cardiology department. This department is focused on non-invasive examination of patients, most likely echocardiography, various stress and tilt tests and holter ECG monitoring.

Noninvasive cardiology

In the 4th Floor and 5th Floor, at block F are located the A and B wards. These wards are standard clinical units with 33 beds both. In the A department is 12 beds who provide intensive care, most preferably for patients with heart failure and patients who are referred for heart transplantation. In both departments are being admitted patients for scheduled diagnostic or interventional procedures.


In the 1st Floor, block F is located Heart failure department. This department is focused on a follow up of patients with heart failure, including patients with mechanical heart supports and patients who are waiting for a heart transplantation.

Heart failure department

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