Uterine transplantation

Uterine transplantation is the most recent organ transplantation. This procedure is the only treatment method for infertility in women with missing uterus as a congenital or acquired defect and also in women who have their uterus but the organ is not functional in terms of pregnancy. Uterine transplantation has not yet been introduced in clinical practice anywhere in the world. In total, only 14 uterine transplantations have been done in the world, specifically:

1. 2000 – Saudi Arabia, 1 time, from a living donor; the uterus was removed 99 days from the surgery due to thrombosis (obturation with a blood clot) of the uterine vessels

2. 2011 – Turkey, 1 time, deceased donor, no offspring yet

3.-11. 2012/2013 – Sweden, 9 times; among these, the uterus was removed in 2 cases, all from living donors; still the only study in the world; 5 of the 7 transplanted women have given birth to a healthy child

12. 2015 – China (not verified)

13. 2016 – USA/Cleveland, 1 time, deceased donor; the uterus was removed on day 13 from the surgery

14. 30 Apr 2016 Czech Republic, IKEM Prague, 1 time, living donor; non-complicated until now; 19 additional transplantations are planned

Only one transplantation was performed in all cases above with the exception of Sweden. The only existing clinical study was performed in Sweden, which included more than one transplantation. Among others, the study showed that uterine transplantation was not only feasible in man, but also successful in terms of giving birth to a healthy child. The total of 5 healthy children have been born in Sweden as of now within the framework of the uterine transplantation study.


Uterine transplantation in the Czech Republic

Since 2012, MUDr. Jiří Froněk of IKEM and MUDr. Roman Chmel of the University Hospital Motol were preparing the uterine transplantation programme or study, respectively. Dr Froněk is the director of the IKEM Transplantation Surgery Department; Dr Chmel is the deputy director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and University Hospital Motol.

The study of IKEM and University Hospital Motol:

After several years of preparations, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic approved the uterine transplantation study in 2015. It is the first study worldwide to include uterine transplantation from both living and deceased donors. Twenty transplantations are planned in total, among these 10 from living and 10 from deceased donors. The first transplantation was performed on 30 Apr 2016.

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