Liver surgery

At the department we perform liver surgery for malignant and non-malignant tumours, metastases, inflammations, but also other diseases of the liver and biliary ducts. Before every liver surgery, the patient must visit the outpatient office of the surgery with their current medical report. The doctor at the outpatient office evaluates the findings, explains the disease to the patient and proposes therapeutic options. In justified cases, the doctor prepares the patient’s documentation for a review by the so-called multidisciplinary team that will discuss the case, determine further steps and make written records. Subsequently, the patient is informed about the proposed further steps by the doctor.

If the patient is diagnosed with a disease not treated at IKEM or a therapeutic procedure not performed at IKEM is proposed, all documentation is given to the patient and the patient is recommended centre(s) to be contacted regarding the proposed therapy.

If the patient has a disease treated at IKEM and is indicated for surgery, the doctor at the outpatient office determines the date of surgery for the patient. At the same time, the patient receives a medical report for their general practitioner or the referring doctor and a list of preoperative assessments. These assessments shall be completed by their general practitioner within 2 weeks before the surgery. The patient should bring the results of these assessments to the admission office.

If you are interested in a review of your liver finding(s), would like to receive a proposal of further therapeutic steps and undergo a potential surgery at our department, please contact the outpatient office by phone on +420 23605 2816 or by e-mail: andrea.stastna@ikem.cz

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