Outpatient offices

M.D. Milos Kucera

Head of Outpatient Department

Phone: 23 605 2196
E-mail: milos.kucera@ikem.cz

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Previous employment:
1988 - 1990 chirurgické oddělení ZÚNZ Příbram
1990 - 1994 chirurgické oddělení NsP Semily
1994 - 1998 KKTCH IKEM , Praha
1998 - 2004 KTCH IKEM , Praha
2004 - 2008 Chirurgická klinika ÚVN a 2. LF,Praha
2008 - dosud KTCH IKEM , Praha

Education & Qualification:
Surgery degree I 1991
Surgery degree II 1999
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Lenka Loušová

Charge nurse of the transplantation surgery outpatient office

Phone: 23 605 2816
Fax: 23 605 2822
E-mail: lenka.lousova@ikem.cz

Surgery outpatient office 
block B, on the 4th floor
+420 23605 2216
Vascular outpatient office 
block B, on the 4th floor
+420 23605 2213
Peripheral circulation outpatient office 
block B, on the 3rd floor
+420 23605 2238,
+420 23605 2270
Living donors outpatient office 
block B, on the 4th floor
+420 23605 5300

An appointment must always be scheduled by phone to visit the outpatient offices.

For your first visit at TS outpatient offices you should bring your referral for an assessment at IKEM, a copy of your medical documentation and scans that can be brought on a CD; alternatively, you can ask for sending the scans to the electronic system IKEM Pacs.

The main specialised focus of TSD outpatient offices is specialised care for patients with diseases of the vascular system, abdominal organs and patients indicated for transplantation of the liver, kidney, pancreas, uterus and for multivisceral transplantations. The outpatient offices provide pre-operative diagnosis and post-operative monitoring. 

Outpatient offices of the Transplantation Surgery Department provide care for patients operated on at the Transplantation Surgery Department. They also cooperate with other IKEM departments (ND, DD, HD, CD, CSD). 

TSD provides non-stop consulting services for all IKEM units within the scope of its specialised focus.

The outpatient offices perform collections of biological materials, non-invasive assessment methods (ultrasound examinations, ankle-brachial index measurements, the vasodilatation test and others), re-dressing of wounds and defects. They also perform pre-operative diagnostic procedures, early post-operative controls and follow-up of patients according to internal guidelines of TSD.

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