Liver transplantation

The IKEM Transplantation Surgery Department is the largest centre in the Czech Republic where liver transplantations are performed. The liver transplantation programme was initiated in 1994 and more than 1,300 transplantations have been performed at IKEM. Currently, we transplant more than 120 livers every year.

At the same time, we are the only centre in the Czech Republic that offers the complete spectrum of liver transplantation types:

  • Transplantation of the entire liver
  • Transplantation of a part of the liver in suitable recipients
  • Liver transplantation in children
  • Transplantation of a part of the liver from a living donor
  • The so-called auxiliary liver transplantation; in this case a part of the patient’s own liver is kept and the liver is transplanted for a temporary period until regeneration of the patient’s own liver.

Liver transplantation is performed in patients with advanced chronic liver diseases (for example, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C, alcoholic liver disease, polycystic liver disease and others), in cases of acute liver failure and in some liver tumours.

Patients may be referred to us by their treating hepatologist or gastroenterologist, or they may contact us directly at andrea.stastna@ikem.cz

Transplantation team:

doc. MUDr. Jiří Froněk, Ph.D.
MUDr. Libor Janoušek, Ph.D.
MUDr. Matěj Kočík
MUDr. Miloš Kučera
doc. MUDr. Martin Oliverius, Ph.D. FEBS

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