Training and education

Training and educational activities of the Hepatogastroenterology Department

The Hepatogastroenterology Department provides pre- and post-graduate education to doctors as well as non-medical professions in healthcare (for example nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians).

Pre-graduate activities are focused on the teaching of gastroenterology and hepatology, with a focus on the basics of transplantation hepatology, treatment of portal hypertension, pancreaticdiseases and non-specific intestinal inflammations. The fields of training are chosen according to the specialisation of the department, in a way to properly complement the teaching of gastroenterology at the appropriate faculty of medicine. Cooperation has been established with all three faculties of medicine of Charles University in Prague; it specifically applies to regular students in years 4 to 6. Doctors of the Hepatogastroenterology Department are involved in lecturing activities at the faculties of medicine, lead thematically oriented study stays at specialised divisions of the department and prepare seminars for selected topics.

Postgraduate teaching at the Hepatogastroenterology Department is oriented in two principal directions. The first regards education of doctoral students and is aimed at earning the PhD title. Persons interested in postgraduate study at the Hepatogastroenterology Department can choose their PhD thesis topics based on the specialisations of the department, or alternatively in cooperation with the Experimental Hepatology Laboratory of IKEM or institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Doctors of the Hepatogastroenterology Department are regular supervisors in several PhD study boards of the faculties of medicine. The second field of postgraduate training consists in the preparation for certification in gastroenterology. The Hepatogastroenterology Department has been awarded and retained level II accreditation for the teaching of the discipline; it is one of two centres in the Czech Republic where applicants may complete their required study stay focused on transplantation hepatology. TheHepatogastroenterology Department has also been awarded and retained the accreditation of the Czech Medical Chamber. Doctors of the department are holders of all supervisor licences for medical procedures in digestive endoscopy. Those who complete their study stays at the department and fulfil the prescribed conditions can thus obtain functional licences for digestive endoscopy procedures.

Highly specialised educational activities include educational events organised by the department for doctors with specialised qualification in gastroenterology. In this scope, traditional events include endoscopy transmissions, seminars focused on non-specific intestinal inflammations, seminars on indications for liver transplantation and complications of chronic liver failure, and the teaching of highly specialised endoscopic procedures.

Regular seminars prepared especially by younger colleagues and focused on current topics of the discipline serve for continuous education of doctors of the department. The seminars are also open for interested persons of IKEM as well as for doctors of other institutions. The Hepatogastroenterology Department takes an important part in seminars and educational lectures of the Transplantation Centre.

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