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Patient admission to the ward

Patients are admitted to the ward in the urgent or scheduled mode.

Scheduled admission is carried out using proposal tickets kept at the Central Admission Office (CAO); the proposal tickets include information about the diagnosis and the reason of admission.

The date of hospitalisation and/or the reasons for rejection are determined by the senior consultant of the ward by making a record in the proposal ticket.

Patients are invited for admission by the personnel of the Central Admission Office. Those scheduled for admission for an endoscopic or other invasive procedure are informed about the date by the treating doctor and the date is indicated in the proposal ticket.

Patient admission for endoscopic procedures is adapted by the head of the ward only if sufficient free beds cannot be provided for the given day.

Upon scheduled admission to institutional care, the patient should report at the Central Admission Office where admission documents will be made and subsequently, the patient will be accompanied by an employee of CAO to the ward. Here the patient is handed over to the admitting nurse who brings the patient to their room, introduces the patient to the other patients and informs the patient about the operating rules of the department and about patient rights. The admitting nurse takes care of the storage of personal objects in a cabinet in the room and lends out institutional clothes as appropriate. The nurse puts any valuables and larger sums of money in the safe and issues a certificate.

Patients are invited for liver transplantation and their transport is ordered by the clinical coordinator during working hours, or by the doctor on duty outside working hours. Transplantation recipients are chosen upon agreement of the transplant surgeon and doctor on duty at the DH.

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