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Patients are admitted to the department (with completed assessments upon referral of the treating doctor. Consultations are possible at telephone numbers of the outpatient office.

Urgent endoscopy service

The Hepatogastroenterology Department (HD) is a specialised centre for the diagnosis and therapy of gastrointestinal and liver diseases with a special regard to liver function replacement methods. 

The main scope of activities includes care for patients with a transplanted liver, indications and selection for the waiting list, comprehensive bed care and outpatient care for patients before transplantation, outpatient monitoring after transplantation as well as bed care and treatment of any complications after transplantation. 

HD admits candidates for liver transplantation from throughout the entire Czech Republic. In other gastroenterological and hepatological indications the department serves as the superconsulting centre for the entire Czech Republic. The department also provides treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, live rand pancreas.

Capsule endoscopy 

The indication of capsule endoscopy falls in the competence of a specialised doctor, and rigorous criteria are defined for this procedure. 
A possible indication should be consulted with the endoscoping doctor in advance (pavel.drastich@ikem.cz).

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