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Contacts on Selected Employees


MUDr. Peter Mačinga, Ph.D.

Phone: 23605 3282, 23605 2266
E-mail: peter.macinga@ikem.cz

prof. MUDr. Jiří Malý, Ph.D.


E-mail: jiri.maly@ikem.cz

M.D. Stepan Maly


Phone: 23 605 3372
E-mail: stepan.maly@ikem.cz

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2011: 3rd Medical faculty of CHARLES UNIVERSITY, Prague - General medicine

Member of professional societies: ČLK, ESSR, SOT

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prof. MUDr. Jiří Malý, Ph.D.


E-mail: jiri.maly@ikem.cz

M.D. Tomas Marada, Ph.D.

Head of Program fro Kidney Transplantation

Phone: 23 605 5026
E-mail: tomas.marada@ikem.cz

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Previous employment:
2004 – present
IKEM – vascular and transplant surgery

2014 – 2015
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh – transplant surgery

2002 – 2004
Hospital Horovice – general surgery

Education & Qualification:

1. Medical Faculty, Charles University – PhD

Graduation in Vascular Surgery

Graduation in General Surgery

1. Medical Faculty, Charles University – MD

Member of professional societies:
Society for Organ Transplantation
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prof. MUDr. Jan Martínek, Ph.D. AGAF

Phone: 23605 2617
E-mail: jan.martinek@ikem.cz

JUDr. Milan Masák

Head of the division

Phone: 23 605 4034
E-mail: milan.masak@ikem.cz

Ing. Lubomír Matěna, MHA

Deputy Director for Investment

Phone: 23 605 5004
E-mail: lubomir.matena@ikem.cz

Bc. Jana Mazánková

Charge nurse of Ward B

Phone: 23 605 2779
E-mail: jana.mazankova@ikem.cz

Doc.MUDr. Vojtěch Melenovský, CSc.

Deputy director of the Research Department, senior consultant of the Heart Failure Division

Phone: 23 605 5190, 23 605 5100
E-mail: vojtech.melenovsky@ikem.cz srdecni.selhani@ikem.cz

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Received medical training and graduated with summa cum laude at 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague in 1994.
After graduation he worked as junior physician at 3rd Internal Department of General University Hospital of 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague, initially in the field of metabolism, but later he converted to cardiology. In 2001 he received board certification in cardiology and PhD degree equivalent, with thesis about endothelial dysfunction and risk factors and atherosclerosis. Later became involved in clinical research (with Dr. D. Wichterle) in pathophysiology of cardiovascular regulations in hypertension and heart failure.

In 2002-2005 he spent 3 years as post-doc fellow in the labs of David Kass, Johns Hopkins Hospital and of Edward D. Lakatta, NIA-NIH in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Since 2005 he works in the Institute of Clinical end Experimental Medicine- IKEM as Research deputy director of Cardiology department.

In 2012-2013 he was Fulbright visiting professor at Mayo Clinic working with Dr. Barry A. Borlaug.

In 2013 he was appointed as Associated professor at 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

In 2022 was appointed as full professor of internal medicine at 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

Since 2013 he is medical director of heart failure service at IKEM.

Besides his clinical duties, he leads interdisciplinary research program focused on hemodynamic and metabolic aspects of heart failure pathophysiology, collaborating with Czech Academy of Sciences, Charles University, BIOCEV, Harvard University and Mayo Clinic. This research is funded by Czech Science foundation (GACR) and Agency for Health research (AZV). He is active member of Heart Failure Association of ESC, Czech Cardiology society, American heart Association and ISHLT.

Dr. Melenovsky published 166 peer-reviewed research papers that were cited >20 000x, h-index: 48 (WOS).
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M.D. Jiri Mendl

Head of ICU

Phone: 23605 3125
Fax: 23605 2822
E-mail: jiri.mendl@ikem.cz

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Current position: Head surgeon of operating theaters

Previous employment:
2/2008 – current: Transplant Surgery Department IKEM
4/2007 – 1/2008: Department of Burn Medicine of Univeristy Hospital Královské Vinohrady
6/2004 – 3/2007: Emergency service, Karlovy Vary
9/2001 – 3/2007: City hospital, Mariánské Lázně

Education & Qualification:
6/2014: Atestation Surgery
5/2004: Atestation I. General surgery
1997 – 2001: Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles Univeristy, Prague
1995 – 1997: Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila“ Bucharest, Roumania

Member of professional societies:
Czech Surgical Society
Czech Society for Hand Therapy
Czech Society for Transplantation
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Bc. Daniela Mikesková

Vrchní sestra

Phone: 23605 5426
E-mail: daniela.mikeskova@ikem.cz

MUDr. Mgr. Irena Míková

Phone: 23605 2612, 23605 3282, 23605 2315
E-mail: irena.mikova@ikem.cz

Pavla Mikulcová

Farmaceutický asistent

Phone: 23605 3386
E-mail: pavla.mikulcova@ikem.cz

Bc. Martina Milecová

vedoucí Oddělení materiálové, provozní a vnitropodnikové účtárny

Phone: 23 605 5530
E-mail: martina.milecova@ikem.cz

PharmDr. Iva Míšková, Ph.D.

Farmaceut, zástupce vedoucího

Phone: 261 365 274
E-mail: iva.miskova@ikem.cz

Hana Mitická

Farmaceutický asistent, vedoucí oddělení

Phone: 261 363 388, 734 684 178
E-mail: hana.miticka@ikem.cz

Veronika Mlejnková

Farmaceutický asistent

Phone: 23605 3385
E-mail: veronika.mlejnkova@ikem.cz

MUDr. Miloš Mráz, Ph.D.

vedoucí lékař Jednotky intenzivní péče Kliniky diabetologie

Phone: 23 605 5416, 3251, 3252
E-mail: milos.mraz@ikem.cz

MUDr. Bc. Věra Mrázová

lékař PPK

Phone: 23 605 5310, 23 605 5320
E-mail: vera.mrazova@ikem.cz

Bc. Simona Můčková, DiS.

Independent specialist officer

Phone: 26 136 5299
E-mail: simona.muckova@ikem.cz

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