DARIC Resuscitation Centre

MUDr. Petr Píza

Director deputy; senior consultant of the Resuscitation Centre

Phone: 23 605 3370, 23 605 2193, 23 605 3335
E-mail: petr.piza@ikem.cz

DARIC Resuscitation Centre

Comprehensive resuscitation care and intensive post-operative care are provided at the 12-bed ward for patients of the Transplantation Centre and Diabetology Centre. If free beds are available at the department (and upon agreement with the senior consultant), patients from other institutions are also admitted. The predominant part of patients of the resuscitation centre are patients with a transplanted organ, either immediately after transplantation or in a longer post-transplantation period.

The department specialises in the therapy of patients with acute liver failure and complicated patients with advanced liver cirrhosis.

The beds are fully equipped for providing modern resuscitation care including all types of elimination techniques and instrumental support of the liver.

At the intervention theatre of the ward, central venous catheters and epidural catheters are inserted in patients from other IKEM units; the theatre is also used for acute admission of patients from the field.

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