DARIC Anaesthesiology Centre

MUDr. Pavel Vychodil

Senior consultant of the Anaesthesiology Centre

Phone: 26 136 2642
E-mail: pavel.vychodil@ikem.cz

Bc. Martina Víravová

Charge nurse

Phone: 26 136 2642
E-mail: martina.viravova@ikem.cz

DARIC Anaesthesiology Centre

Anaesthesia is provided at 3 operating theatres of TSD, at endoscopic theatres, angiographic theatres, at the outpatient office of stomatology and at the magnetic resonance imaging unit. The department provides anaesthesia for abdominal procedures, vascular surgery and for organ transplantation procedures. General as well as conduction anaesthesia including peripheral nerve blocks are administered based on the type of procedure and patient preferences. Combined anaesthesia with an epidural catheter for post-operative analgesia is preferred in large abdominal and vascular procedures. Post-operative supervision is provided at a triple recovery room. Patients undergoing rather demanding procedures and patients with a higher perioperative risk are transferred directly to the resuscitation centre from the operating theatre.

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