Provided care

Patients with vital function failure or threatening failure are admitted to the resuscitation centre. The centre has both personnel and technical equipment for these purposes.

Instrumental and drug support of failing organs

  • Circulatory support
  • Pulmonary support – all beds are equipped with good-quality ventilators
  • Renal function support / replacement – considering the focus of the IKEM Transplantation Centre, our ward commonly provides renal function replacement using intermittent as well as continuous elimination methods
  • Liver function support – since 2005, the department uses the Prometheus system for supportive instrumental therapy of acutely failing liver
  • Intoxication and consciousness disorders

Acute liver failure

The department has both personnel and technical equipment for specialised therapy of acute liver failure. Considering that for most patients, urgent liver transplantation is the only chance of survival, DARIC or the Hepatogastroenterology Department (+420 261363280) should be contacted in time regarding the transfer of the patient.

Treatment of sepsis and shock conditions

Post-operative care for patients after transplantations and large vascular and abdominal procedures

All patients after large abdominal and vascular procedures (together with patients after organ transplantations) are hospitalised at the ward until their vital functions stabilise. Subsequently, they are transferred to ICUs of the other departments, TC and DC.

Comprehensive care

Thanks to comprehensive care for patients in critical conditions, long-term immobile patients, the incidence of pressure sores has been virtually eliminated at the department (special beds, intensive rehabilitation, positioning).

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