Transplantation office

M.D. Radomíra Kožnarová, PhD.

Deputy director of the Department of Diabetes, Head of iinpatient care of the Department of Diabetes, Head of the Transplant ouotpatioent care

Phone: 23 605 3186
E-mail: radomira.koznarova@ikem.cz

Jindřiška Volková

transplantační koordinátor na Klinice diabetologie

Phone: 23 605 2239, 23 605 3185
E-mail: jindriska.volkova@ikem.cz

Office hours:  Mon-Fri, 7 am – 3 pm
Transplantation nurse, Tel.: +420 236 052 790.

Activities of the transplantation outpatient office are focused on outpatient follow-up monitoring of patients with diabetes after kidney transplantation, transplantation of the pancreas, the islets or after combined transplantations (most commonly combined kidney and pancreas transplantation). Outpatient follow-up visits are, usually planned during morning and afternoon hours, and are conducted by doctors trained and experienced in transplantation medicine. Outpatient monitoring usually includes examination performed by the doctor and blood collections. Given that the dosing of some drugs is determined according to their blood levels, outpatient monitoring also includes subsequent consultation of laboratory assessment results by phone and determination of further therapy. The frequency of the outpatient follow-up visits is determined by the doctor based on the assessment results. Considering the number of patients and often long distances from their homes, in acute cases we cooperate with local doctors, their home dialysis centres and local medical institutions of our patients.

Transplantation care also includes pre-transplantation outpatient care for patients included in the waiting list for transplantation of the pancreas or of the islets. The frequency of pre-transplantation outpatient visits is usually once every 3-4 months. Together with the senior consultant, transplantation administrators administer the waiting list and record any changes following from the pre-transplantation visits and telephone contacts with the patients, as appropriate.

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