Education office

Bc. Vladimíra Havlová

Nutriční terapeut Kliniky diabetologie

Phone: 23 605 2310, 739 941 981
E-mail: vladimira.havlova@ikem.cz

The outpatient office of education

organises and conducts courses for the users of insulin pumps and continuous glycaemia monitoring (CGM) in the form of structured self-monitoring and in the technology, educational programmes during hospitalisation for diabetic patients receiving insulin treatment.  Furthermore, the office provides activities of the technology outpatient office, particularly for data downloads from glucometers, pumps and sensors.  

Among others, the education outpatient office continues using the conversation maps. All educational programmes are presented to doctors on a regular basis in the course of their stay before certification in diabetology.  We took an active part in the discussion.  A new computer-based dietary program called NutriPro, intended both for nutritional therapists and patients, that has begun being introduced into practice. Education also includes educational fitness stays for persons on insulin; the stays are organised twice a year.

Educational courses are ordered by the treating doctor.

Edukační ambulance

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