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Department of Diabetes has 28 beds and an outpatient section that also includes the Educational and Podiatric Division.

Multidisciplinary approach to diabetes is a characteristic feature of the department, starting from systematic education, early diagnosis of micro- and macrovascular complications and determination of an individual therapeutic plan. Education in dietary and regime measures is organised as an outpatient (and also during hospitalisation). Conventional as well as non-conventional insulin regimens may be used for the therapy, and in patients with type II diabetes progressive types of oral antidiabetic drugs particularly emphasising an effect on insulin resistance may also be used. Questions about metabolic control can be permanently consulted by the patients with the department personnel by phone. This also applies to insulin pump users who can be provided with immediate medical or technical assistance.

An emphasis laid on the prevention and treatment of organ complications of diabetes is another specific aspect of the department. Patients with diabetic nephropathy are monitored in the long term with an effort to slow down its progression as much as possible. Ophthalmological and neurological care is similarly ensured. Autonomous diabetic neuropathy can also be diagnosed and therapeutic action on this disorder followed. In the field of podiatric care, the department is one of best equipped centres in the Czech Republic. Trained personnel provide routine preventive and less invasive treatments. Prompt vascular, neurological and angiographic diagnosis is provided in more serious cases, with the option of angioplastic or vascular reconstructive procedures in cooperation with the divisions of radiography and surgery.

Department of Diabetes is the only centre in the Czech Republic systematically engaged in the preparation of patients with advanced diabetic nephropathy for transplantation therapy. Combined kidney and pancreas transplantation may be indicated in patients with type I diabetes, which, in addition to treating renal insufficiency, provides normalisation of glycaemia without the need of insulin. IKEM is one of prime centres worldwide in this field. The improving results of combined transplantation procedures can be expected to support, in indicated cases of unstable diabetes, isolated pancreas transplantation in patients before renal insufficiency develops.

Besides diabetes, the department is also engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of other endocrinological and metabolic diseases. These most commonly include thyroid and adrenal diseases, obesity, hyperlipoproteinemia and hypoglycaemic conditions.


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