The Nephrology Department is the seat of the Subdepartment of Nephrology of IPVZ (Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education) and serves as a training postgraduate unit for nephrology and internal medicine disciplines.

The doctors of the Nephrology Department have participated in postgraduate training of students of all three faculties of medicine of Charles University in Prague, both in Czech and English. Prof. Viklický is the supervisor for postgraduate doctoral study in biomedicine.

Senior consultants of the department are members of:

  • Scientific councils of IKEM, IPVZ, faculties of medicine of Charles University, chairs and members of certification committees for state examinations;
  • Committees of the Czech Society of Nephrology, Czech Transplant Society, Czech Society for Metabolism and Nutrition, Society for Metabolic Bone Diseases, Czech Society for Atherosclerosis, Czech Society of Internal Medicine, International Society for Clinical Pharmacology, European Society for Artificial Organs, Organising Committee for Danube Symposia, International Society of Nephrology, European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition;
  • Editorial boards of the international journals Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation, Kidney and Blood Pressure Research, Nieren und Hochdrückkrankheiten, New York Academy of Sciences, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nephrologie, The European Dialysis and Transplant Association, The Transplantation Society, The European Dialysis Transplant Association, European Society for Organ Transplantation, and they are also reviewers of many international journals.

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