ND outpatient office of nephrology

MUDr. Silvie Rajnochová-Bloudíčková, Ph.D. DBA

Head of the outpatient office of nephrology

Phone: 23 605 2314
E-mail: silvie.rajnochova-bloudickova@ikem.cz

The outpatient office of nephrology provides comprehensive care to patients with acute or chronic renal disease, such as diagnostic procedures (including the possibility of renal biopsy at ND ward), treatment and follow-up. This care includes the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases (tuberous sclerosis, atypical HUS), hypertension manageable only with difficulty, renovascular hypertension and renal osteopathy (see the “Renal osteopathy programme”).

Patients with terminal renal failure in the predialysis period are provided information about the options of renal function replacement, including the possibility of transplantation, and they are prepared for regular dialysis therapy.

The outpatient office of nephrology includes a pretransplantation outpatient office where all potential candidates for kidney transplantation are assessed before they are added to the waiting list (see the “Programme of kidney transplantation from a cadaveric donor”).

The outpatient office of the Nephrology Department is found in an area of building B, on the 4th floor. Upon arrival, you should always report to the register window.

Transplantation outpatient office – register
Tel. No.: +420 26136.2223.

Outpatient office – scheduling
Tel. No.: +420 26136 2313; +420 26136 2314

Blood collections: 6 am – 8 am; as needed during the day

Outpatient office: 8 am – 4 pm

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