Site of Conventional Radiodiagnosis and Sonography

The site provides skiagraphy assessments according to indicated requests of clinical and outpatient divisions.

Specialised assessments of the gastrointestinal tract and hepatopancreatobiliary assessments are performed by specialists in the skiascopy examination room. In cooperation with the Hepatology Department, the site takes part in application of endoscopic methods under skiascopic control (most commonly ERCP, but also other, new, special methods monitored using skiascopy – for example EndoBarrier introduction).

The site performs ultrasound diagnostic procedures (especially abdominal, vascular, but also imaging of other parts of the human body). Most assessments are focused on the diagnosis and monitoring of patients after transplantation of vital organs, diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular diseases.

A number of interventional procedures are routinely performed under ultrasound control – most commonly biopsies of kidney grafts, but also biopsies of other organs, punctures and drainages of pathological fluid collections, and navigation for interventional vascular and non-vascular procedures (directly at AG theatres).

We perform the highest number of assessments of transplanted organs in the country – the set of assessments of transplanted kidneys is one of the largest in Europe and probably ranks the site among prime centres worldwide, which is given by the high number of transplantations at IKEM.

The set of patients with liver transplantation has also been growing considerably, including the liver transplantation programme in paediatric patients. Newly, multivisceral transplantations of abdominal organs have also been performed

Sonography as a method was introduced to routine practice in 1980, precisely in patients with transplanted kidneys. Today, it is an irreplaceable method of early post-operative but also long-term monitoring of patients after transplantation of abdominal organs.

Within the framework of the subdepartment of nephrology, stays focused on non-invasive nephrological diagnostic procedures are organised at the site, intended for internal medicine doctors and nephrologists.

The Site of Conventional Radiodiagnosis and Sonography provides continuous 24-hour operation for urgent assessments.

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