Information for patients

Dear patients, family members and close relations of our patients,

 By providing the information below we would like to make your orientation in the situation of the surgery and hospitalisation at our unit in the immediate post-operative period easier.

The resuscitation unit of the Cardiosurgery Department is a highly specialised division that provides intensive care to all patients, particularly those after a cardiosurgical procedure. Patients are admitted in a planned manner directly from the operating theatre, 24 hours a day if necessary. The actual health condition of such a patient may require many assessments, medical and nursing procedures, for which we need sufficient time and room. For this reason it is not always possible for you to stay at the bedside of your closest relations. 


For operational reasons, the recommended visiting time is daily from 10 am – 7 pm; upon agreement with the treating doctors you can visit the patient individually, virtually at any time outside the scope of the above determined time. We recommend limiting the number of persons at the bedside to no more than 2-3 persons at the same time in order to ensure the privacy of other patients. 

A telephone is available at the entrance to our unit – you should call the indicated numbers and wait for the nurse who will bring you to your close relation and give you information about the nursing care of the patient. Information about the medical condition of the patient can only be provided by the doctor. Obviously, it may be difficult to understand all the information; therefore, please do not hesitate to ask us if anything is unclear. 

Information about the condition of the patient

This information is provided daily by the treating doctor – by phone from 9 am – 8 pm or in person during the visiting hours; alternatively, during emergency service hours the information can be provided by the doctor on duty during the visiting time.

Information about the medical condition of the patient can only be provided – in person as well as by phone – to a close relation(s) determined by the patient and recorded in the medical documentation. This sensitive information may only be provided by phone based on a pre-agreed identification password for telephone communication with the family, which is also recorded in the medical documentation of the patient. Considering the demands of our work, in order to keep continuity of the information you are asked to determine one family member who should receive the information. 

You are asked to respect the following rules:

  • Please disinfect your hands at the entrance to the unit – hand disinfection dispensers are found at the entrance to the unit
  • Upon entering the resuscitation unit you pass over an antibacterial mat; please use overshoes in cases of bad weather
  • Put on the coat for visitors; the coats are available at the entrance to the unit
  • If you have a mild cold, please use an oral mask – available from the nurse at the unit; if you have an infectious disease communicable by droplet transmission, you should postpone your visit at the bedside of the patient 

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