Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department

MUDr. Milan Ročeň, Ph.D.

Deputy Director for Healthcare Operations, Director of the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department

Phone: 23 605 5161
E-mail: milan.rocen@ikem.cz

MUDr. Hynek Říha, Ph.D. MHA

Deputy director of the department

Phone: 23 605 5160, 23 605 3050, 23 605 3070, 23 605 5555
E-mail: hynek.riha@ikem.cz

Romana Rázusová


Phone: 23 605 5195
E-mail: romana.razusova@ikem.cz

The Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department (ARD) of the IKEM Cardiology Centre provides specialised perioperative measures (i.e. in the period before, during and after the surgery) to all patients undergoing surgical procedures falling under the IKEM Cardiovascular Surgery Department. 

The main focus of its activities consists in providing anaesthesia (analgesia) during the surgery, and in subsequent intensive care in the early post-operative period. At the same time, the department also provides consulting activities to other units of the IKEM Cardiology Centre.

A more detailed description of interventions performed at the department can be found under What we treat.

The department has two units:

Anaesthesiology unit

When patients are present at the 4 operating theatres, doctors of the department provide anaesthesia (in principle, controlled unconsciousness and analgesia) in order to perform the surgery, and monitoring and support of vital functions (depth of unconsciousness, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, coagulation, etc.).

Resuscitation unit

The post-operative resuscitation unit (16 beds) provides comprehensive intensive care to patients after cardiovascular surgical procedures, and in indicated cases also before these procedures (for example with severe heart failure in infective endocarditis).

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