Outpatient rehabilitation

The outpatient section is focused on problems and disorders of the movement system. We treat acute and chronic vertebrogenic disorders, joint problems, post-traumatic conditions, patients after orthopaedic surgeries, neurological disorders, soft tissue diseases (ligament and muscle pain). We also provide rehabilitation in cases of balance disorders.

First, the patient is examined by a specialised rehabilitation doctor who proposes suitable individual therapy based on clinical examination of the movement apparatus.

In the treatment of patients, doctors use the techniques of myoskeletal medicine (soft tissue techniques, mobilisation, manipulation, manual traction), application of injections at trigger points, painful segments, treatment using the dry needling method, acupuncture. In particular, suitable physical exercises are emphasised.

We provide consultations in ergonomy – i.e. proper sitting position, working on the PC, prevention of vertebrogenic problems; we prescribe the necessary rehabilitation devices and drugs of the field.

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