Clinical and Transplant Pathology Centre

MUDr. Luděk Voska

Deputy director

Phone: 23605 5231
Fax: 23605 3076, 23 605 3020
E-mail: ludek.voska@ikem.cz

Clinical and Transplant Pathology Centre

The Clinical and Transplant Pathology Centre is an integral part of IKEM’s extensive transplantation programme.

The purpose of the centre is to provide bioptic diagnostic services on the level of current knowledge, with an emphasis placed on systematic and good-quality care for patients, perform consultation bioptic tests, participate in the teaching and training of doctors and laboratory technicians, and also to conduct clinically oriented research in transplantation pathology and in the field of renal diseases.

The centre has been awarded the certificate of accreditation based on compliance with accreditation requirements pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 151 89:2013: Laboratory diagnostic methods in histopathology and cytopathology including electron microscopy, particularly in clinical and transplant pathology.

As regards laboratory facilities, the centre is divided into interconnected specialised laboratories:

  • Specialised biopsy laboratory
  • Laboratory of specialised immunohistochemical methods
  • Laboratory of electron microscopy
  • Laboratory of cytology
  • Molecular and genetic laboratory

Diagnostic services

More than 600 liver biopsies, 350 biopsies of native kidneys, 600 biopsies of transplanted kidneys, 500 endomyocardial biopsies and other so-called surgical biopsies and cytologies are done at the centre every year.

The laboratory applies a broad spectrum of methods for routine diagnostic practice as well as for experimental research activities. The continuity of patient care is ensured using standard bioptic tests, immunohistochemical methods (for example, polyomavirus or CMV detection), immunofluorescence, methods of molecular pathology and electron microscopy.

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