Outpatient office of clinical immunology and allergology

Our office provides specialised care in clinical immunology and allergology, predominantly for the departments of IKEM and TN (Thomayer Hospital), but also to patients from Prague and the entire Czech Republic. The outpatient office provides the diagnosis and therapy of the entire spectrum of immunopathological conditions including allergies. It is equipped for spirometry and NO measurement in exhaled air. Since 2009, the office operates as a centre for administration of intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulins.

Our team includes 6 doctors certified in clinical immunology and allergology and 3 certified nurses.

New patients can only be admitted upon due previous examination by their general practitioner or another specialist and only based on a written referral.

Unit location: building D, 1st underground floor.

Nurse office: +420 261 362 322

Pedagogical activities: The outpatient offices operate as training sites for specialised education in Allergology and Clinical Immunology (type 2 accreditation).

MUDr. Jana Vydláková

Vedoucí Ambulance klinické imunologie a alergologie PLM

Phone: 23 605 5172
E-mail: jana.vydlakova@ikem.cz

prof. MUDr. Ilja Stříž, CSc.

přednosta PLM, vedoucí PKTI, vedoucí LLG

Phone: 236 055 222, 236 055 173
E-mail: ilja.striz@ikem.cz

MUDr. Margareta Beyerová

Phone: 23 605 5170

MUDr. Daniela Židová

Phone: 23 605 5173

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