CSD intensive care unit

doc. MUDr. Ondrej Szárszoi, Ph.D.

Head of the intensive care unit

Phone: 23 605 5156, 23 605 5271
E-mail: ondrej.szarszoi@ikem.cz

Bc. Jindřiška Hřívová

Charge nurse of the intensive care unit

Phone: 23 605 5156
E-mail: jindriska.hrivova@ikem.cz

The intensive care unit of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department (ICU – ward A)

Provides early post-operative bed care, and in acute cases also pre-operative bed care in cardiosurgical patients.

The ward has 33 beds (10x triple rooms and 3x single rooms) with state-of-the-art instrumentation for the monitoring of vital signs, determining of the diagnosis and therapeutic interventions.

The intensive care unit is found in block F, on the 2nd floor. It is a separate closed unit with its own facilities.

All patient rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities, i.e. their own toilet, shower and washbasin.

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