Cardiovascular Surgery Department

prof. MUDr. Ivan Netuka, Ph.D.

Director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department

Phone: 23 605 5017
E-mail: ivan.netuka@ikem.cz

doc. MUDr. Ondrej Szárszoi, Ph.D.

Head of the intensive care unit

Phone: 23 605 5156, 23 605 5271
E-mail: ondrej.szarszoi@ikem.cz

Marcela Prausová

Secretariat of the director

Phone: 23 605 5014, 23 605 5016
Fax: 23 605 2776
E-mail: marcela.prausova@ikem.cz

The centre is a leading unit in the field of cardiosurgery with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic – the first aortocoronary bypass was performed as early as in 1971 and the first transplantation of the heart was done in 1984. At this modern department with state-of-the-art equipment we provide our patients with comprehensive cardiosurgical and cardiological care taking into account the most recent scientific knowledge. 

We perform surgeries to treat ischaemic heart disease, a wide spectrum of valvular defects, thoracic aorta diseases and arrhythmias. The domain of the centre encompasses surgical treatment of heart failure in the form of advanced programmes of mechanical heart support devices and transplantation of the heart. However, not even surgeries of heart tumours and congenital heart defects in adult patients are an exception. 

A general effort is to use minimally invasive surgical techniques. 

Our patients come from all over the Czech Republic.

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