Home parenteral nutrition

IKEM Centre of Home Parenteral Nutrition

Head of the programme: MUDr. Petr Wohl, Ph.D.

The IKEM Centre of Home Parenteral Nutrition forms part of the Diabetology Centre and was established in 2008. As of today, 42 patients have been treated at this outpatient centre. In recent years, the centre has been focused on enhancing the regimen with respect to the quality of life of the patients, and particularly on the prevention of complications associated with HPN. The main purpose is to evaluate liver injury (PNALD) in patients receiving long-term home parenteral nutrition. Another important step taken by IKEM in cooperation with the HPN Group of SKVIMP (Society for Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care) was the establishment of the so-called mobile regimen, enabling patients to engage in everyday life. The entire project was successfully implemented in 2014, which is when a new code was created for mobile home parenteral nutrition. Another aspect of the centre is the care for patients before and after multivisceral transplantation or isolated transplantation of the small intestine.


Aims of the centre:

a) Minimise the risk of vascular access points;
b) Prevent hepatopathy in patients receiving home parenteral nutrition;
c) Quality of life using mobile portable pumps;
d) Cooperation in research projects of the work group for home parenteral nutrition;
e) Metabolic and nutritional care for patients hospitalised at IKEM;
f)  Permanent availability of care for patients receiving home parenteral nutrition, monitored at IKEM

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