Kidney transplantation from a deceased donor

Kidney transplantation from a deceased donor

Currently, kidney transplantation is the most successful treatment method of chronic renal failure. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia; the surgeon places the kidney in the right or left iliac fossa, connecting the vessels of the transplanted kidney to pelvic vessels and the ureter directly to the urinary bladder. During transplantation the kidney is placed outside the abdominal cavity and thus it is not in direct contact with intra-abdominal organs. The patient’s own kidneys are removed in absolutely exceptional cases during transplantation; they are usually kept at their original place. The surgery lasts approximately two hours. Mobilisation is started early after the surgery, usually from the very first postoperative day. Most commonly, the urinary catheter inserted during the surgery is removed on the second postoperative day. Provided that no complications occur, the total length of stay is 12-14 days on average.

Transplantation team:

doc. MUDr. Jiří Froněk, Ph.D. FRCS
MUDr. Libor Janoušek, Ph.D.
MUDr. Jaroslav Chlupáč, Ph.D.
MUDr. Michal Kudla, Ph.D.
MUDr. Květoslav Lipár
MUDr. Tomáš Marada, Ph.D.

MUDr. Jiří Mendl
MUDr. Tomáš Pantoflíček, Ph.D.
MUDr. Slavomír Rokošný
MUDr. Igor Tibenský, Ph.D.
MUDr. Alexandros Valsamis
MUDr. Radek Vyšohlíd

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