foto    prof. MUDr. Terezie Pelikánová, DrSc.
Director of the Diabetes Centre

Tel: +420 26136 4101, 4100
E-mail: terezie.pelikanova@ikem.cz
foto    prof. MUDr. František Saudek, DrSc.
Deputy Director of the Diabetes Centre

Tel: +420 26136 4107, 4108
E-mail: frantisek.saudek@ikem.cz
foto    Bc. Petra Janáková

Tel: +420 26136 4100
E-mail: petra.janakova@ikem.cz

The Diabetes Centre provides specialist preventive care, research and educational activities in the fields of diabetology, metabolism and nutrition.

It provides diabetes sufferers with comprehensive multidisciplinary care, which is not common in other healthcare institutions, and covers the entire Czech Republic. It has the largest number of beds for the field of specialization, not just in the Czech Republic, but at a European level.

The Diabetes Centre works closely with district diabetologists, other specialists, with in-patient facilities and a whole range of professional (Czech Diabetes Society JEP) and non-professional (Union of Diabetics of the Czech Republic, Association of Parents and Friends of Diabetic Children) social organizations.