Site of Interventional Radiology

One of primary centres not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe.

The site specialises in angiography assessments (contrast imaging of the arterial and venous stream) and related therapeutic interventional procedures (percutaneous transluminal angioplasty – PTA, implantation of all types of stents, stent-graft implantation, intra-arterial and venous thrombolysis, therapeutic embolisation, procedures on dialysis shunts).

Other important activities of this site include non-vascular interventions – outside the vascular system (biopsies, bile duct drainage, nephrostomy and related procedures, TIPS).

Procedures focused predominantly on the treatment of organ transplantation complications comprise the principal programme.

The Site of Interventional Radiology provides these special services not only to IKEM, but to the entire premises of Thomayer Hospital and medical institutions throughout the Czech Republic.

Currently, the site has two modern angiography theatres; procedures are performed by 4 full-time doctors and 2 part-time doctors. All 6 doctors are certified in interventional radiology.

The Site of Interventional Radiology provides continuous 24-hour operation for urgent assessments.

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