Ablation workshop

Due to current COVID-19 situation 23rd Prague Workshop on Catheter Ablation was canceled!

Save the date!

23rd Prague Workshop on Catheter Ablation with live demostrations will be held in April 19-21, 2020, together with pre-workshop Practical Sessions on April 18,2020. More information and complete programme is avaliable at Ablationworkshop website. 

Workshop Website

Educational grants

To enable physicians to attend the meeting, the Workshop organizers have decided to offer educational grants. The applicants will be supposed to fill the application form on website of the Worskhop and upon acceptance of the grant they will receive registration for free and will have freedom to book a hotel and travel from their side. These costs will be reimbursed after the meeting.

Grant per one person: 800 EUR (Workshop 2019, new conditions for 2020 will be shown as soon as possible.)

The grant includes:

Prague Workshop on Catheter Ablation is coming to 23rd edition. As a summary of past 20 years was published a short book with historical photos and documents that covers all 20 years of progress in this great event. 

20 Years of Progress

20 years of progress

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